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Black Panther – film review

Marvel’s Black Panther arrives in cinemas with aspirations to be more than your average superhero film. Taking place after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Panther finds T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returning home to take the throne and fulfil his role as the protector of Wakanda.

As coronations go his first week could have been more relaxing. Beset by threats, T’Challa finds his mettle tested as his throne comes under siege by forces that would use Wakanda’s considerable stores of Vibranium (a nearly indestructible metal) to start a conflict that could cause irreparable damage. Can T’Challa defeat his foes and preserve his nation’s way of life?

There’s a great sense of expectation and interest surrounding Marvel’s Black Panther. In some ways it’s a litmus test, one that recalls Marvel’s first film in 2008’s Iron Man.

There haven’t been many (if any) big-budget films of this scope fronted by a predominantly black cast and made for a worldwide audience. Factor in a young, relatively inexperienced director in Ryan Coogler, whose previous films were tiny in comparison and this could have been burdened by expectation.

But Black Panther arrives with a confidence that’s reflective of a studio that’s made 18 successful films in ten years, and knows not only what it’s doing but is clear in its process. Marvel has hit upon a formula, and what’s fascinating is how they continue to find different shades and new voices without sacrificing each film’s sense of individuality.

Panther shines a light on an otherwise lesser known corner of the MCU, the film benefitting from smaller – but still significant – stakes and a central conflict that’s more grounded and personal. The tone is different in some ways to what’s come before but familiar (there’s riffs on James Bond in places) and it feels fresh and confident in its storytelling, imbuing the proceedings with plenty of humour too.

At its heart lies themes about identity, family, responsibility, throwing into the mix thoughts about international seclusion, while tackling the idea of the mistakes of an older generation impacting the younger one. That’s not to say it’s a weighty film per se, but it gives you more to chew than you might expect.

T’Challa’s father comments that it’s hard for a “good man to be king” and Boseman’s struggle to become a worthy king and lead his country is a representation that we haven’t seen in a series dominated by super-soldiers and billionaires in metal suits.

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