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‘Black Panther’ Is A Superhero Story You Haven’t Seen Before — And It’s Thrilling

In 1938, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster — two Jewish kids from Cleveland who were reading the alarming news coming out of Europe — created precisely the hero necessary to put things right: an impossibly strong and nigh-invulnerable paragon of virtue and butt-kicking they called Superman. He could have ended Hitler’s advance with a snap of his fingers — and he definitely would have, if only he weren’t a creature of pure fantasy. Three years later, as the Nazi threat escalated, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby went a step further, summoning into being a hero who was essentially an American flag come to dynamic, Hitler-punching life. They called him Captain America, because subtlety is not what superhero comics are about.

There’s a poignancy in the fact that these two heroes were products of grim necessity — a global menace threatened our way of life, and a nation gripped by fear and anxiety found in Superman and Captain America twin release valves. By indulging in the belief that someone big and strong and primary-colored could rescue them and beat the bad guy, Americans managed to steal a few moments of vicarious satisfaction.

There was a hole in the world, so they created heroes to fix it.

That same poignancy permeates Black Panther, which is Marvel Studio’s 18th superhero movie, though it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Ryan Coogler’s third film is, happily, no by-the-numbers, big-budget hero narrative of the sort to which we’ve grown inured — it’s by turns as intimate and immediate as 2013’s Fruitvale Station and as stirring as 2015’s Creed.

Black Panther’s Mythical Home May Not Be So Mythical After All
Black Panther’s Mythical Home May Not Be So Mythical After All
Chadwick Boseman is T’Challa, king of Wakanda, an unimaginably advanced, ruthlessly isolationist African nation that hides its riches and its tech from the world at large. Wakanda, as vividly and gorgeously realized here, is a soaring Afro-futurist utopia powered by the world’s rarest, hardest and blue-glowiest metal, vibranium. (Fair warning: If one were to sneak a flask into a screening of Black Panther and drink every time any character says the word “vibranium,” one would spend the film’s final hour in the lobby having one’s stomach pumped by a team of professionals.)

It’s a credit to the production team that, even after 18 times at-bat, we’re still finding innovative way to visualize superhero tech (this time out, it’s a kind of Matrix-meets-Magic-Sand sort of deal), and still turning out fight choreography and stunts capable of quickening even the most jaded pulse (a nighttime car chase through the streets of Seoul, South Korea, includes a moment engineered to elicit cheers, because Coogler knows what these films are about).

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