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Movie Review: Believe the hype: ‘Black Panther’ is unlike any superhero movie

WASHINGTON — Hold on to your butts: The superhero box office is about to explode.

Advanced ticket sales are through the roof for Marvel’s “Black Panther,” already breaking the Fandango record for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in what could easily be the biggest February opening ever, with a projected $170 million for the four-day holiday weekend.

Believe the hype: This is a superhero flick unlike any we’ve ever seen, crafted by the unstoppable Ryan Coogler, who won the Sundance Film Festival with the gritty, timely and tragic “Fruitvale Station” (2013) before revamping the Rocky franchise with “Creed” (2015).

Based on the 1966 comic, T’Challa mourns his father’s death as he takes his rightful place as king of Wakanda, a fictional African nation “hiding in plain sight,” just like Wonder Woman’s Themyscira. This high-tech kingdom is known for mining vibranium, a magical mineral that gives T’Challa’s panther suit special powers. But his peaceful reign is challenged when an ex-Navy SEAL named Killmonger arrives from Oakland, California, carrying a childhood grudge.

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